List of Program Services

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  1. Team Diagnostics – How well do you understand what motivates each member on your team? Do you know how to spot the signs they are potentially plateauing, or sliding backwards in their progress to succeed? Do you have the right tools to assess how to bring out the best in each person on the team? Are there members on your team you simply cannot figure out how to positively impact their contributions? Are people on your team focused and bringing their “A” game to work each day? Do you know how to tell if they are not, and what to do about this? If you are not satisfied with the answers to these questions, this is an area I have expertise to help you. RESULT: I will help you to understand whether your team is functionally optimally, or on the way to doing so. I can also help detect if your team shows signs of abnormal amounts stress, and make recommendations on how to address this.
  2. Team Dynamics – Have you taken the time to consider how well your team is functioning as a team? Does it appear there are cliques within the team which are preventing your team from having better collaboration and results? Do you know how to positively influence your team’s dynamics? RESULT: If you believe your team’s dynamics could be better, and you have tried to increase and impact the team dynamics to be more positive, but have not been able to do so, this program will help to make your team dynamics work for both you, and make the team stronger, more collaborative and happier with one another.
  3. Strengths – Are you fully aware of all of the strengths of the members of your team, or organization? Do you know there is tremendous benefit in knowing this? Do you know how to determine this? RESULT: If you are seeking to understand the unique strengths of your team or organization, this program is one you will not be disappointed with the results from. Having an understanding of your team’s unique strengths will help you to better manage and motivate each team member, and the group as a whole. You will also see increased performance and enhanced enthusiasm for the work each one of them is doing.
  4. Areas to improve – (See #1 above.)
  5. Who is motivated? – Do you know how to interpret whether people on your team are motivated? Does this matter to you? It should, as unmotivated people on your team will have a negative drain on both their productivity, as well as impact the productivity of others on the team. RESULT: This program will provide you with a prescriptive method of how to motivate either individual team members, or a team, resulting in increased motivation for all who are involved with this program.
  6. What motivates them? (See #1 above.)
  7. Who’s focused? (See #1 above.)
  8. Conversational Strength – Being able to have an articulate conversation in a professional environment is a must. Are there members of your team or organization who struggle with having professional conversations with their peers, or have difficulty expressing and conveying their work via written formats? RESULT: This program will teach the individuals taking this program how to bring both their conversational and written skills up to a new level, and one you as well as they will be pleased with.
  9. Strategy and execution development for marketing & sales teams
  10. Bridging Sales & Marketing Teams
  11. Teaching Rapport & Conversation techniques to millenial’s
  12. Team Building Techniques (e.g., Strengths Finder, Awesome Envelope, Saran Ball)
  13. Executive Coaching
  14. Mentoring
  15. How to drive sales & marketing organizations
  16. Motivating sales teams & how to build self confidence
  17. Sales Enablement Optimized
  18. Organizational insights and how to capitalize on this
  19. The Power of observation
  20. Strengths Finders 2.0 

Demand Generation Expertise:

  1. Which marketers to hire, and why?
  2. Demand Gen Funnel inspection (e.g., TOFU, MOFU, Nurture, BOFU)
  3. Website Analysis
  4. Content analysis
  5. Conversion rate optimization, SEO and CRO A/B testing
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