What’s holding you back?

One thing I place high up on my value list is motivation. Fortunately, I am also intrinsically inclined to be self-motivated, but I realize not everyone is. This is precisely why it is something I help others with, and is woven into my professional work.

We all know that excuses are easy to make. I hear them from people all of the time. I’m certain you do to. I also know that sticking to doing something productive and worth your time and attention isn’t easy to do. If it was, more people would be celebrating their achievements on a regular basis. So, what’s holding you, or others back?

Actually, the answer is obvious. You are holding yourself back. No one else is. Sure, you can recite numerous reasons you think others or some perceived reason is holding you back from accomplishing what you want to, but they aren’t. It’s you.

Do me a favor. Look in the mirror. Seriously. Look in a mirror. Tell yourself out loud that someone or something else is holding you back from your accomplishment. Do you believe this? Are you really going to lie to yourself?

OK, instead, let’s try looking in the mirror and telling yourself that “I am the only one holding me back from accomplishing…fill in the blank.” Did you feel different telling yourself a lie versus the truth? Chances are you are more comfortable with lying to yourself about whatever is holding you back. However, when you face yourself, and look yourself in the eyes and say and hear the truth, you are setting yourself on a path that will be freeing to you.

If it is as easy as pausing and committing to stop lying to yourself and blaming others or situations for holding you back, and you can accept full responsibility for no one or nothing else doing so, you can accomplish exactly what you want to.

Sure, you might be skeptical about what I am saying, but there is plenty of research and evidence to support what I am telling you.

I don’t like being hypocritical, so I’m never going to write or talk about something I don’t believe in. As a matter of fact, there have been a number of times in my life when I have had to come to terms with accepting the fact I was the one getting in my own way. Was this easy to do? Not at first, but just like anything you become good at, it takes some practice. Toss in a bit of discipline too.

Of course, jumping right in and agreeing with the fact you are the only one holding yourself back from “fill in the blank” might require some additional direction. So, I have included some suggestions about how to go about doing this below.

  • We know there is no such thing as perfection. Although many people strive to have everything, or as many things as they can be their definition of perfect in their lives. If this sounds like you, you still might in fact be holding yourself back and blaming others for not allowing you to achieve what you deem to be perfection. News flash! It’s no one else’s fault you did not achieve perfection. It’s yours, as it is impossible to be perfect all the time.
  • Stop wasting time and energy playing the blame game. Consider how many hours, days, months or years you have been guilty of doing this. Where did it get you?
  • No one else is holding you back. Look in the mirror like I talked about earlier and tell yourself this. Seriously. Do this as many times until you start to believe what you are saying.
  • Timing and circumstances may play a minor role in holding you back, but I guarantee you there will be a time when these two items are no longer a factor, and can’t be used as an excuse for why you can’t do or accomplish something.
  • Is there someone in your life who is enabling you to remain stagnant? They may be part of your excuse cycle, and a factor contributing to holding you back. However, consider the fact that only you are letting them do this. Again, this points back to you holding yourself back.
  • Think about the type of people your surround yourself with. Do they encourage and motivate you? Or, do they do the opposite, or possibly, they are simply neutral. Being neutral doesn’t generally add value, but it can keep the peace, but it won’t propel you towards what you want to do.  
  • Have you considered whether you really want to succeed at something? Seriously think about this. Maybe you are afraid of being good at or successful at accomplishing or doing something which will be beneficial to you and your life.
  • You need to have a mindset that you believe and know that you deserve to go after and be able to achieve what you want to. Without any excuses.

Given the fact it is the end of 2020, and what for many will go down in their minds as one of the most challenging years to get through, it is more important than ever to now be focused going into the next year with a different mentality. One that will allow you to have a clear forward. One that will be free of any excuses about what is holding you back from going after, and accomplishing everything you want to.

Only you can make this happen. No more excuses, and you will be happy someone was honest enough with you to tell you this.

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