The perception of success

I’m positive others do this too, and I often consider what shapes our thinking about the definition of success. It’s possible due to the type of profession I am in, and that since its foundation is focused on helping people to become more aware of who they are, this notably has immense influence on my thinking.

The fact I am regularly working with others to define and achieve their goals isn’t easy work. In fact, it can be extremely challenging, but it’s exactly the type of challenge I thoroughly enjoy taking on. By working with others to assist them in guiding them to achieve their goals, is by definition a type of success. For both parties. It’s the type of win, win scenario that most would agree is highly desirable. Even potentially for those that define themselves as being hyper competitive.

You could argue that everyone is successful. Especially when looking at the surface level, and you are casually considering anyone’s accomplishments. How is this possible? It’s possible because going back to what I mentioned before, everyone defines success differently for themselves. The challenge of the perception of success is when you allow others to define it for you. Are you saying to yourself, yes, this has happened to me!

If you have allowed others to define success for you, take comfort in knowing you are not alone. What I can tell you is that this isn’t a permanent state. In fact, success is more similar to water, as it’s often in a fluid state. Of course, the exception of this is when it’s frozen. My point is that success can be achieved, but it might not be sustainable in all situations. In fact, arguably, you might not want it to be. Especially if you are the type of person who is driven to keep on achieving more. However, you define what “more” means.

Often success can be perceived, and may simply be an illusion of reality. Take for example social media posts. We all know that what gets posted by the majority of people are carefully edited versions of the perception they want to convey to others. Most of the time the crafted images or messages are fortunately happy or positive. Sometimes they are not.

Each day, what you want others to see is controlled by you, or potentially by what you think others expect from you. Possibly not, as it appears some people socially post with complete abandon. More concerning, with the absence of thinking through the outcome. We have all seen too many examples of this.

Circling back to the concept of the perception of success, below are some thoughts to consider to help you wrap your mind better around how you can define success for yourself, versus being subjected to feeling the pressures of succumbing to what you think others expect your definition of it to be.

  • Being happy, and happy as often as possible could be included in your definition of success.
  • Success and its definition can and should in fact be modified around circumstances.
  • When you lock the definition of success into either an unattainable measure, or one that isn’t sustainable, you will always be disappointed with the outcome.
  • Consider whether you have allowed others to define what your definition of success is.
  • The definition of success doesn’t always have to be tied to a monetary number. In fact, having good health and maintaining it could be someone’s ultimate definition.
  • I have written about the importance of not comparing yourself to others. So, when you are developing what it means to be successful for you, either in writing, or in your mind, be sure to consider whether you are being true to yourself and not letting others influence your definition.
  • Everyone has different abilities, so focus on capitalizing your success being partially defined by having your strengths support what goals you are striving to reach.
  • Your ideal version of your life and how you will define what it ultimately it will shape up to reveal; at any point in time, can be influenced by circumstances beyond your control. Keep in mind many situations are temporary, and don’t let setbacks allow you to redefine what you want to accomplish.
  • No one is perfect. Our world would be quite boring if everyone was. Embrace who you are, how you think, how you act and most importantly, be proud of how you represent yourself. If you are not proud of who you are, you have the power to change this. Perhaps with help, so make sure to ask for support when you need it.
  • Our perception of our own and others success only matters if we allow it to matter. Always keep this in mind.

Even people who perceivably have attained success; defined either by themselves or others, have tough days. Please remember that everyone’s success is going to be different. More importantly, I ask you to not be critical of this, but instead supportive of them being content with their own definition.

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