When is it the right time to invest in yourself?

How is your investing going? That is, the investment in Y.O.U.? Is this something you actually consciously and strategically think about doing, or are your investments purely sporadic and absent of any planning? If your self-investments fall more into the second category, you are not alone, but it might not be the best category club to be in. Although the good news is it is never too late, and there isn’t a perfect time to invest in yourself. You simply need to get started.

Fortunately, the options to invest in yourself are only limited by your imagination. Some of your investments, such as financial investments offer a greater return. Investments in your attire should be on the easy end of the difficulty scale of investing, but make sure if you are at all fashion challenged, you seek the counsel of someone who has expertise in this area. This applies to both men and women. Although the good news for men is that the options for selecting the right attire is far less complicated than it is for women.

Depending on whether you have recently graduated from college or some type of professional training program, or have been in the working world for over 20 years, your level of educational investment is going to vary.  Regardless of whether you graduated last year or decades ago, you should always be investing in your education. I’m not suggesting everyone needs to obtain their master’s degrees, but I am advocating for some type of continued education. Your continued education can either be in the field you are working in, or in an area you might consider going into. It could also be studying about a topic which simply interests you.

There are numerous conferences and on-line resources for you to further invest in your education, and depending on the company you work for, some companies may in fact pay for your educational pursuits, or professional certifications. Learning is something everyone should consider investing in. Why? Because it can help to increase your level of proficiency, provide you with more job satisfaction and make you a more desirable employee based on your added level of educational expertise. Unlike some other things in life, your educational investments cannot be taken away from you, so they are generally sound investments for you to make.

I have written about how traveling is one of the best methods for you to learn about the world around you, and how it inherently makes you more aware about the world you work and live in. Traveling can also provide you with a greater appreciation for how and where you live, and help to inspire you both personally and professionally.

When you travel, you also become a more interesting person, as you can share your traveling adventures and what you have learned with others. When we travel, we also have a different mindset which can also help us to think about and solve challenges we have not been able to solve when we are physically too close to a situation.

Investing in yourself can take some planning, and every moment you invest in doing so will be worth the effort you put in. Not all of your investments have to take place during a particular time of the year or cost a fortune, and you can begin the process at any point. Everyone should be investing in themselves.

Still not convinced? Think of yourself as an investment bank account. It if is empty, it will not have a chance to appreciate. However, if you start saving and wisely investing in your account and specifically for the purposes of investing in your future, it will all be worth it…because you are worth it.

Kathleen E. R. Murphy is the Founder, Chief Performance Strategist and CMO of Market Me TooMarket Me Too has expertise in bridging teams and providing organizations techniques to accelerate their market growth and revenue numbers, regardless of the industry they are in, or the business stage they are presently at. She is also the author of a newly published business book called Wisdom Whisperer which is available via Amazon.

Market Me Too also works with individuals from students to C-level executives. The individuals, business and sports teams we work with are coached on how to leverage and apply their peak performance talents on a daily basis, which produces repeatable, measurable and amazing results.

If you want better results, let’s talk. We know how to help you get them. Contact Kathleen at kathymurphy@me.com or (339) 987-0195.



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